Saturday, August 19, 2006

Congratulations Katrina and Jon Laird!

The Ngs attended a beautiful wedding ceremony today atop Burnaby Mountain for one of our former coworkers turned good friend. Congratulations Katrina and Jon! May God bless your marriage abundantly.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Happy Fourth Year Anniversary!

Today was Karen and Jonathan's 4th wedding anniversary. We asked Jasmine and Stephen to babysit Erich for a few hours while we went out for dinner alone for the first time since Erich was born. Thanks Jasmine and Stephen!

We had received a $100 gift certificate for Il Giardino (Umberto's) from a timeshare presentation at Whistler almost a year ago, and we had waited in great anticipation to use it. Prior to arriving in the restaurant, we had wondered how we were ever going to spend $100 on just the two of us. But one look at the menu changed that rather quickly! We filled our stomachs with some of the best tasting cuisine we've ever had! More than the good tasting food though we enjoyed each other's company. If only for an hour, we appreciated being just husband and wife again.

Upon returning home, we were eager to see what Erich's reaction was. Poor Erich was okay for the first bit while we were gone, but soon realized he was stuck at home with auntie Jasmine and uncle Stephen. Separation anxiety ensued. Well, after some coaxing, he settled down. Thanks for being patient with mummy and daddy! Thanks for letting us have a night out Erich. :)