Saturday, September 13, 2008

A week with an incredible team!

Part of the joys of being part of a small church plant is that we are often heavily dependent on outside support. In our case, the Bridge Church is blessed to have much support from various churches in Canada and the United States. While others may consider this a weakness, I consider it a tremendous blessing. It is a golden opportunity to see God working in the lives of His children.

Specifically, these churches faithfully pray for us, support us financially and send teams of 10-15 every summer. We are grateful not only to them, and to the churches they represent, but we are ultimately grateful to the Holy Spirit. These teams provide both the beneficiary of mission work (in this case our church and our community) and the giver of the work a glimpse into the providence and the abundant love of God.

Many of you know that Karen and I have a heart for missions; those at Joy Fellowship or Reading, UK know firsthand the impact God can have when He motivates people for Christ. What a blessing it was to fellowship with like minded people - youth no less, who have a genuine heart for the kids in our community and for our city at large.

This particular team, led by John and Pam Peccararo and Floyd Romero of First Baptist Church, The Colony, Texas came to help us with our summer kids camp (Vacation Bible School). Though the number of kids that attended were not numerous, this team had hearts that were big, and the kids that did attend benefited greatly from their ministry.

Throughout the week they were here, we were able to build relationships with many of them. We delighted in serving them, and were encouraged by their dedication to share the gospel, but most of all we were encouraged that they were willing to go beyond their comfort zone and experience God through contexts they might not have been accustomed to. As they toured around our city, they began to tune their hearts to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit, and in turn grasped the spiritual condition of our city.

Both Karen and I were particularly moved when this team (who normally are not accustomed to walking) covered our community in prayer. They walked and prayed from Broadway and Burrard through Kitsilano to the West End, and then on through Gastown and the Downtown Eastside.

God is at work in this city. After having spent a week with this wonderful team, I know this to be true. What a privilege it is to be a part of His work.