Monday, August 27, 2007

Anniversary Dinner at the Watermark, Kits Beach

Karen and I finally had a chance to go out for dinner this past Sunday to celebrate five years of marriage. It was good to be able to have some time to celebrate, reminisce and reflect on our marriage journey thus far. And being able to do this in a romantic setting sitting on a patio overlooking the sunset on Burrard Inlet was an added bonus.

Although our marriage does have its ups and downs (anyone whose marriage is perfect, please raise their hands...?) one thing I really appreciate about my marriage is that we are able to communicate with each other about the things that matter. With the day to day duties of taking care of Erich and running a household, Karen and I had not had as much opportunity of late to do this, so this was a refreshing moment to encourage one another.

Aunt Joycelin came over to look after Erich for a few hours while we took a nice stroll down to the beach front restaurant (The Watermark) two blocks away. This year, our dinner was made all the more special because a friend of ours, Eddie Wong, works at the restaurant in the pastry department. In addition to arranging our reservation and ensuring we had a great table and server, he also baked us some fresh bread, and made us a beautiful dessert platter to compliment our already delicious meal. Thanks Eddie for helping to make our day so special. (The creme brulee was exceptional by the way!)

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