Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Erich's got appetite!

What 20 month old you know does this?! Erich asked for corn. When Karen gave him some by picking off the kernels and putting them in the bowl, he said "no" and instead insisted he be able to eat it "on the cob" like the rest of us. (Afterall, he's a big boy now!)

By the time we had finished ours, he had polished off his as well!

This past weekend, we also had a surprise visit from Karen's cousin Keane from Seattle, WA. As part of the "get to know Vancouver" tour, we took him to have bubble tea at Dragon Tea House (King Edward and Oak St.) Erich, of course was all excited because he overheard that we were getting some sort of mango drink. When the drinks finally arrived, he grabbed it before anyone could stop him and gulped down a few sips. The other patrons at the tea house could not stop laughing! After that, it was game over - he insisted on sharing that drink with mommy. (See photo.) The funniest part was that we had actually gotten one more drink than there were adults because we thought we'd bring one back for Katherine. When asked whose drink that was, Erich gladly pointed out that it was "Ewich's drink" implying he was going to drink it later. Sorry Kat!

So much for baby food! Our little boy has become well versed in indigenous Canadian food as well as Hong Kong/Taiwanese cuisine.

Editor's Note: for all those parents reading this - not to worry... Karen always orders bubble tea with no added sugar and no tea, so nothing but mangoes, ice, milk and okay maybe a bit of sugar in the bubbles.

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