Friday, October 05, 2007

And we're off! The great two seats for three deal.

Shortly after Erich was born, Karen and I came up with this idea of visiting Erich's great grandparents in Bochum, Germany. Erich is afterall named after his great grandfather so we thought it would be an incredible honour for him to meet Erich. So we devised a plan to take Erich just before he turns two on a trip to Germany. The before-two part is because airlines don't charge for infants under two, and thus would be a much more economical way to travel. Catch is though, under twos don't get a seat. So one has to either hope for extra empty seats (which ended up happening on parts of our trip) or come up with creative ways to make two seats seat three. :)

Here we are anxiously awaiting to board our LTU flight at YVR to Dusseldorf, Germany. From Dusseldorf, we will change planes and board a Luftansa flight to London, UK where we will stop by for a few days to visit some friends (STM 2003) in Reading before heading back to Germany to visit o-opa and o-oma.

Sitting next to us in the same waiting lounge is a mother (Mandy), her mother, and her 11-month old daughter (Hannah). They are doing a similar trip as us - going to visit Hannah's great grandparents in Germany. What a coincidence! We chat, and discover that they will be returning on the same return flight. I feel better already: at least we're not the only ones crazy enough to bring a baby on a long-haul flight. Besides, Erich now has a playmate.

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