Sunday, February 17, 2008

A month of sickness...

It has been quite the month since I last updated this blog. They say these things come in cycles. Well, I guess we have been long overdue. :-(

  • My coworker (who incidentally is in his mid-30s) suffered a sudden stroke last month. I won't elaborate on it here. I have shared with some of you the details of this and am grateful that you are praying for him. My coworker has also written about it on his blog here, here and here.
  • A week after my coworker's stroke, Erich caught a cold at daycare which then turned into pink-eye. It's basically an infection in the eye which required antibiotics eye drops.
  • A week after that, Karen and I caught the flu. Stayed home for two days straight and slept almost the entire time. We woke up feeling just as tired as when we went to bed - horribly nasty virus this one!
  • When I returned to work, my boss got strep throat and my coworker suffered a bad cold.
  • This past week, Erich caught the flu. Vomit, and high fever for a whole week. Not fun, particularly for his poor parents who are trying not to be overly worried but are worried nonetheless.
  • Now, recurring coughs for Karen and I ... most likely still lingering from when we had the flu.
It has been one interesting month. I am hoping that this will all end soon. It is exhausting being sick or having your kid sick.

Good health wishes to all of you and make sure you get the flu shot! :-)

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