Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The Mandarin Orange

We find ourselves waiting, and learning patience. For the past few days (particularly since Karen's official due date on Dec. 11th), we have been rehearsing the same routine:

Wake up; maybe today?
Irregular contractions are
seeming contradictions:
Indications of certainty yet
moments of ambiguity,

Is it coming today?
Probabilities are high, possibilities nigh,
But alas, virtue lies with patience.
Well, for the record, baby is still in mummy's tummy.... 3 days overdue. Another day passes, maybe it will happen tonight? The anticipation is killing us.

Meanwhile, funny stories are emerging. Karen went to get a mandarin orange from the fridge the other day. As she peeled the orange, she sat down on her favourite chair, mouth watering as she briskly peels the skin. Plop! Half the orange falls on the floor. Poor Karen is so big she can't even see the fallen orange let alone pick it up. It was a very funny moment indeed. :)


Friendly spam! said...

Hi Jonathan! ARGGG so much work to put comments on your blog! hahahha... well i did it anyway. =)

Good luck to both you and Karen, will be sure to get you guys some mandarine oranges when you two come back to join us @ C4. =)

God Bless!

*mmmmmmm spammmm......* ;-)

A-line said...

Hey... keep working at it. ^^ i wonder who that was. looks like one of us kids.

I'm sam btw. A-line is one of my accounts, i figured it out!

Robin said...

wait pateintly for BB!!!