Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Want some melba toast?

With Erich's almost biweekly teething pain, we've had to adapt our techniques of feeding him. Sometimes because of the pain, he refuses to eat solids from spoon. However, we've discovered that serving up his pureed food on Melba toast works very well! He simply takes the melba toast coated with the tastiest jarred baby food and munches away. On days when he is eating well, we've been using melba toast as a sort of after-dinner treat. He loves the stuff and just half a piece of melba toast can keep him occupied enough for mummy and daddy to finish their dinners.

The other day, while we were giving him one of these pieces of melba, he offered it back to daddy. How sweet! :-)


Peter said...

hey jonathan and karen!! it's peter!! how's things going?? i'm at uni now!! time passes really quick, it's like the 6th week already =.= but i'm having a really good time. i've made some new friends who don't like to party as hard as the rest of the medical students seem to want to. i've already seen some patients too, yesterday i interviewed 2!! the schedule isn't as bad as i expected, and ppl often say to me, "you medics are lazy. how come you get days off?!" anyway, i hope you are all well, i just wanted to say hi, thats all!! take care!!

peter said...

btw, it was peter from reading, in case you're not sure...

Jonathan & Karen Ng said...

So wonderful to hear from you Peter! And grateful that people actually read our blog! (And of course we figured out it was Peter from Reading... the clue was the use of the word 'uni'). Anyhow, we're doing great. From the sounds of it, it seems you are in pre-med or med school! Congratulations! Exciting! In a few years will we be referring to you as Dr. Peter or Dr. Tsim?

We're thinking about and praying for all of you in the UK. We've met new friends (Nick and Becky) at our new ministry who are from the UK (near London). They were thrilled to hear that we love the UK and had been involved with youth work there.

Anyhow, check back here often for updates. We're planning to update the blog again this weekend. :) Feel free to email us too!

Jonathan and Karen