Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Bath Time!

At about half past eight each day, Erich takes a bath. We unhook Erich's little translucent blue IKEA bathtub from our wall, and place it in our bathtub where it gets filled with lukewarm water. When Erich hears the sound of the tap turning on, and the water splashing into his bathtub, he rushes enthusiastically into the bathroom. He stands next to the bathtub watching and waiting with eager anticipation. The sound of mommy's voice assures him it is what time he thinks it is -- "Erich! Bath time!".

Mummy and Daddy quickly get him ready for his bath. As the photo suggests, he's got the whole "man scratching his chest" thing down to a tee.

Erich loves to play in the water with all his water bath toys. He particularly likes the yellow and blue submarine that Grandma gave to him. It can wind up and tread its own water and can submerge just like a real submarine!

When Erich finishes he is all refreshed. Daddy comes to get him with his special towel and dresses him with a fresh new diaper. Then the pajamas go on and Erich is all ready for bed.

Photos: Various photos of Erich's bath time routine - around 10 months old.

Videos (available until Feb 2007):

1. Erich walking to the bathtub
2. Erich gets ready for his bath

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