Saturday, October 21, 2006

Surprise! Happy Birthday Donia and Marsha!

This week and next will mark the 30th birthday of two of our university friends. To celebrate, we were privileged to be part of a very elaborate scheme to surprise them. Apparently (and I bet I still don't know the full details of this...) the two ladies were sent to the same place (the party room) under two completely different premises. Very creative Marlene, Michael, Ava, and Stephen!

Photo (above left): a very red faced Marsha is getting fitted with her party hat. She thought this was Marlene's aunt's place. We of course knew better. Photo (below right): a rather surprised Donia walks into the room. She thinks it's Stephen's coworkers place. We know it of course as the party room.

To commemorate the passing of this very mature age, we dressed up like 6 year olds. Of course all our kids got involved in it too! It was great to see everyone again - some we haven't seen since university!

Photo (left): Marsha poses with Elias and Erich. They seem to be oblivious to the commotion, and wondering why they have to wear these funny hats. :-)

Happy 30th Birthday Donia and Marsha! We hope you had fun. Of course now we're going to be suspicious next time you send us to your "aunt's" place or "coworker's" place.

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Robin Leung said...

Update more guys!!! =P
Missed u guys! Hope all is well!!
Take care.