Friday, June 08, 2007

Happy Grad Justin and Grad photo shoot

Congratulations to Justin Conner on his high school graduation and on his award for being an encouragement to his classmates (see photo). For those who do not know Justin, he plays bass on the Bridge worship band, and is always a pleasure to be around.

Karen, Erich and I had the privilege of attending his graduation ceremony today at Fraserview MB Church. It was held for the graduating class of Richmond Christian Secondary School. We hadn't been to a high school graduation in quite a while (the last one being Sam, Ming-Yan, Clara, Deborah from CCCC). We were secretly thankful that this graduating class only had 36 people in it, so the ceremony length was bearable. (In contrast, my graduation class had over 900 the poor graduate whose last name began with Z....)

I also had the opportunity to take some graduation photos of Justin a few weeks back along some abandoned railroad tracks in Kitsilano. Here are some shots from that shoot.

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