Thursday, October 12, 2006

Honouring one another

Tonight for L.I.F.E. group, we went out to the Ninth Avenue grill for dinner. Pastor Jerry had reserved the entire restaurant. The purpose of the night was to honour one another (Romans 12:9-10) - thanking God for our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Guidelines were given beforehand, and people were invited to give toasts to one another honouring them for their part in the body of Christ. Specifically, the toast-er was to specify how they have been encouraged personally by the toastee. The guideline was that whatever you said must be honouring and sincere - flattery was not allowed! It was a very touching and moving evening and I believe that it had a tremendous impact on our fellowship.

Photo shown: Mark Graham proposes a toast.


Peter said...

hey!! it's nice to hear from you!! it's saturday so i could be doing some work... or i could be checking out ppl's blogs!! =) i'm going to work in a minute haha yeh i'm in medical school now at university of nottingham. so far i've found it ok, there's a lot of stuff that i need to learn, but not many tests. so it's all about self-discipline... which is going ok-ish at the moment. i've seen a few patients now, mostly when i've been on placement. i have also interviewed 2 patient consultations and am going to use it in my coursework. along with all that i have to do lectures in biochemistry, behavioural science, communication skills, public health, the nervous system, human tissue differentiation and clinical skills.... it's quite busy!!!!! but yet i still get days off.... i don't know why... not that i'm complaining of course!!

when do you think you might come back to visit the uk?? =) how is your son erich? it must be amazing to be parents!! =)

anyway, i had better go, it's really nice to hear from you!! =) take care


Jonathan & Karen Ng said...

Hey Peter,

Exciting news that you are in medical school. After Erich's birth, we've had a much greater appreciation for people who are in the medical field. They give so much to ensure people (strangers to them) are well cared for. We'll be praying for this endeavour and we will pray that God will be able to use you in incredible ways.

As for visiting the UK - funny you should mention it, but we just might be visiting Erich's great-grandparents in Germany sometime in the fall of 2007 before Erich turns 2. (That's when he has to start paying for airfare...) Since we are going to Germany, there is a good likelihood we will also be visiting the UK for a few days to see you guys!

We'll keep you posted.

Jonathan and Karen

Peter said...

hey jonathan and karen!!

i can see how good GOD has been in my life so far. even the fact that i'm here shows how much HE has my life planned out for me. my GCSE (that's the exam after form 5) score is slightly low compared to other medical students. i only got 5A*, and most of my friends here have 7 or more. also nottingham is the best medical school on the list of all the ones i applied to, and it's the only one i got into. it's amazing to think that this time last year the future was so unclear, and i had no idea where i was going (although i applied to uni in october, i only got a place at the end of feb).

since i've been here, i've been studying GOD's creation. everything, no matter how big or small has been engineered to perfection by HIM, and that's what i've been studying. a lot of my friends say they don't believe in GOD, but i think if you look at the human body, you will realise than no way did it come about by chance, everything is designed to work so well!!

this week i've been catching up on my work and i haven't been getting too distracted. even had time to go to the gym today!!

yeh you should definitely come to visit us in reading!! of course you will be more than welcome =)

anyway, i see that i have written a short essay here, hope your not too bored!!

take care and may GOD bless you in everything you do =)