Friday, October 06, 2006

Joey graduates and walk down memory lane

Jonathan had the day off from work today. The Ngs took advantage of this extra time by attending the graduation ceremony of Joey Lee. We met Joey through Anna Wong at CCCC. We became friends and had the opportunity to share our faith with her. Through a brief study of the first few chapters of Romans in the fall of 2005, Joey came to experience the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ in a fresh new way. We were delighted to be able congratulate her as she graduated.

Karen and I also took time to reminisce. We noticed how much SFU had changed now with the UniverCity project. We were also encouraged by the presence of new ministries on campus such as the Point Church - a ministry similar to the Bridge catering to residents of the new UniverCity.

After the ceremony, we decided to drop in on our favourite off-campus cafe: Cozmos. Irene, the owner/manager there was delighted to see us. It was amazing how she recognized us even after all these years. She, of course was delighted to meet Erich for the first time.

Shown here (right): My attempt at self-portraiture with Erich (using a cell phone camera). Erich evidently is enjoying his time with daddy!

We also took a walk down memory lane to the place where Jonathan proposed to Karen (atop Burnaby Mountain) and took pictures with Erich. At last, a decent photo with my son!

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