Saturday, April 14, 2007

Baby Crazy!

Be careful what you pray for, because sometimes, it just might come the old saying goes.

Karen and I (mostly Karen :) has gone a bit baby crazy over the last week. An opportunity came up to purchase the entire inventory of a baby store kiosk! I spent most of the morning moving the stuff from its previous owner to our house. (Thanks John for helping unload!)

Karen is really excited about the potential business opportunities this may bring about, but right now, we're just a little overwhelmed by all of this stuff in our bedroom! (And what you see here in this picture is only about 3/4 of it!) We're going to be spending the next little while taking inventory of it all, then we will start trying to booking places to sell.

So, if you're expecting or if you are looking for gifts for someone who has children ages 0 to 4, come on down and shop! Have we got a deal for you! :-)

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