Saturday, April 14, 2007

Fun at Brentwood Mall!

Isn't this just the cutest picture? We brought Erich to one of his favorite indoor playgrounds today at Brentwood Mall in Burnaby. After returning the rented truck (to move all of the baby stuff), we took our Mazda5 in for its one-year servicing. It was close to Brentwood, so the Karen, Erich and I got a chance to hang out at the mall playground. Erich loves this playground - there are so many interesting shapes to play with! Mommy and Daddy love it too because it is very soft, so no bumps on the head to contend with.

On a slightly different note, I was less than impressed with the car servicing. Because we knew that we were going to need to be in Burnaby today, instead of going to our normal dealership (Morrey Mazda of Vancouver), we had arranged to have our vehicle serviced at a sister dealership (Morrey Nissan of Burnaby). We were told they would be just as capable of servicing our vehicle for the minor tuneup we required.

As part of the so-called VIP package that we purchased along with the vehicle, we get "free" lifetime oil changes and car washes so long as we own the vehicle. Therefore, we requested that the car be washed with the servicing. We were horribly disappointed with the lack luster (pun intended) job that was done. As you can see in the picture (taken shortly after the service when the vehicle had enough time to dry off), there are huge spots of dirt still present on the vehicle. Furthermore, brush marks can be seen in the dirt where they had superficially attempted to clean.

Such inattention to detail makes one question whether they put the same amount of effort into actually servicing the engine of your car. I can understand if they don't have time to do it, but then why bother even trying to do it? I'd much rather they told me that I'd have to bring it back in order to get it done well rather than a very poor job done indeed.

Back when I owned my Acura, customers were never treated this poorly. Whenever I brought the car in for servicing, the car was serviced, washed, AND vacuumed, as part of their standard service - and I wasn't even the original owner! No "VIP" package necessary - and they always did it with the utmost quality.

Needless to say, Morrey Nissan's servicing department falls short, and will likely be receiving a letter to that effect from yours truly.

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