Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Go Canucks Go!

I am by no means an avid hockey fan. But now that the Vancouver Canucks are in the playoffs with a decent chance of winning, I have, well, sort of jumped on the bandwagon and watched a game or two. The other night, I was watching Game 4 of the first round in the Western conference between the Vancouver Canucks and the Dallas Stars. As Linden scored the winning goal, I cheered with a loud "Yay!" and raised both my arms in the air. Erich, who was playing with his Lego at the time stopped, and looked at me inquisitively. I explained that we had just won the hockey game. He smiled and proceeded to lift both his arms in the air. Now whenever we say "Yay!" he lifts both his arms in the air. :-)


Anonymous said...

Hey Jonathan,

I just checked with the bandwagon, and I don't think there's any more room... ;)

Johnny Canuck

Anonymous said...

If you watch enough hockey games, Erich will learn the Canadian National Anthem.. That's how Emily learned it.