Wednesday, July 04, 2007


I told Erich yesterday that tomorrow he was going to get a new cousin. To that he replied "Baby!" and made a cradling motion with his arms. I then asked "Whose baby is it?". And to that he replied, to our great astonishment, "Katherine!". I have no idea how he has managed to put all the facts together (we have never told him explicitly any of the above facts) but I guess he has managed nevertheless to figure them out.

Well, Katherine and John did have a beautiful healthy baby boy today. Born by Ceserian Section, Isaak Hans Ching Yin* Tso came into this world 8:56am at St. Paul's Hospital in Vancouver. He weighed 7lb, 13oz, measures just over 20 inches (53 cm) in length and is cute as a bunny. Both Kat and John are doing well.

(* Thanks to Claudia and Queenie Tsang for the chinese name! ;))

We went over briefly tonight to visit the newborn baby. As irony would have it, no sooner had we parked did the big red fire engines pull up to the hospital (see photo). Apparently, there had been yet another false alarm. We couldn't help but chuckle.

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