Saturday, July 21, 2007


Twice a month, I serve our church by playing guitar in the worship band. It is loads of fun and Erich certainly enjoys seeing his dad up there strumming away. Some Sundays (when his mom isn't looking) he even manages to point at me and the guitar during service and yells "Daddy! Guitar!" much to the chagrin of Karen of course who usually ends up chasing him down the aisle and discreetly escorts him away.

Last Sunday was one of those weeks. Apparently I must have made quite an impression on him because when he came back, he decided he'd make his own guitar out of Lego! (well Duplo actually...)

Shown in the photo is his first prototype. As you can see, it has many colours and he did a little "code-reuse" from his previous Lego masterpieces - namely the "skyscraper". There were some problems though, it was all neck and no body and he soon discovered that it broke all too easily when he was trying to play it.

So with a little help from his dad, we came up with this, and of course a resulting world premiere music video. (Sorry about the crappy resolution and white balance - it was the best I could do under the circumstances. Little toddlers do not wait before the concert starts!) Enjoy!

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