Thursday, July 05, 2007

My little lighting assistant

Karen had an after work meeting the other day so Erich and I got a chance to go on a real father-son date.

As some of you know, we are selling Karen's old 'beater' commuter car. We no longer need two cars and after having loaned the car to Kat and John for the past year, we are going to sell it. So while Karen was out Erich and I decided we would wash the car and take some photos of it. We drove it down to the boat launch area near Vanier Park for the photo shoot.

Although I think I must have been crazy to bring along Erich alone to photograph a car (complete with tripod, reflectors and flash) in a parking lot, Erich certainly didn't think so! He was elated I decided to bring him along and was determined to help as is evident in these photos of him.

Well got to get used to working with an assistant I suppose. I have a 'big' lighting assistant helping me out in a few weeks for Robin's wedding. Should be fun!

Photo Caption: Uh, what's next, boss?

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